FD-4604037 PODZ Ultimate Nap Cot - 8 Pack FREE SHEETS

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8 Pack PODZ nap cots & 12 FREE Sheets

  • Standard size: 54.33"L x 27.165"W x 5.0"H

  • Cot Weight Limit: 100 lbs

  • Warranty:10 years

  • ULTRADURABLE - State-of-the-art construction has no exposed hem which eliminates fraying. Steel frame with integrated feet provides the ultimate in durability.

  • ULTRAREST - Patent pending design allows cot to flex making naptime more comfortable. Ergonomic shape fits children’s bodies better and provides more usable space.

  • ULTRACLEAN - Unique foot design has no channels or wells to collect dirt and germs. Podz eliminates those tough-to-clean areas. Fabric can be cleaned again and again.

  • ULTRASAFE - Completely enclosed, no-gap design prevents small fingers and toys from getting lodged in openings

  • ULTRASTACK - Podz stack in less space than all other cots! 20 cots stack less than two feet high.

  • ULTRAORGANIZED - MyPodz Numbering System makes it easy to assign cots and keep things organized.

PODZ Ultimate Nap Cot

12 FREE Nap Cot Sheets

                  Blue                                        White                                 Blue & White checks

nap cot sheetnap cot sheet whitenap cot sheets blue white check