WC-510-N Compact Wooden Window Crib (Free Shipping)

Price: $490.00

Sale Price: $439.99

Availability: 4 to 6 weeks

Prod. Code: A-LA-WC-510-N


WC-510-N Mini Portable Non-folding Wooden Window Crib

• Simply arched end panels add elegance and charm to a day care and provide a cozy sleep environment for little ones during nap time. 

• Clear acrylic panels at each end of the crib allow a caretaker to watch little ones while they sleep or play in the cozy wooden window crib. 

• Meets the Mandatory CPSC 16 CFR 1220 regulations for non-full size cribs.

• Three position adjustable mattress height. 

• Heavy duty ball bearing casters, two of which lock, are attached to the legs by a Chicago bolt system through the leg post instead of the leg bottom. This is not only a stronger system but also eliminates the danger of exposed bolt threads. 

• Includes a deluxe 24" x 38" x 3” thick foam mattress that is compliant with Federal Flammability standard 16 CFR 1633. 

• Add strength and sturdiness to the 510 crib for a fire drill situation with the additional purchase of WC-504-EVA evacuation frame. 

• Bilingual instructions in English and Spanish. 


LA Baby Compact Non-folding Wooden Window Crib, Natural wc 510 n