CF350-044 Woodland Rest Mats 2" - 5 Pack

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CF350-044 Woodland Rest Mats 2" - 5 Pack

VIBRANT VARIETY: A wide array of colors to liven up the space and provide each child with a unique, enjoyable addition to their naptime routine.

CALMING REST EXPERIENCE: Our soft, foam-filled 2-inch cushion mats are designed to encourage peaceful and restorative sleep, helping children wake up refreshed and eager for the day's activities.

PERSONALIZED NAMETAGS: Every mat comes with a nametag, allowing for easy identification and giving children a sense of personal space.

EASY TO CLEAN: With a vegan leather cover that brings an element of elegance and makes upkeep a breeze, maintaining a hygienic resting space is effortless.

DIMENSIONS: This set comes with 5 vegan-leather rest mats each measuring 48"L x 24"W x 2"H. These rest mats are intended for use by children aged 12 months and up. Stack rest mats when not in use for optimal storage.

Woodland Rest Mats Set of 5