2375JC Reading Hideaway

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2375JC Reading Hideaway

Students can escape from a busy classroom into the world of literacy. Three sides are open for supervision, back and top enclosed. Bottom is open. Meets ECER-R Space for Privacy standards.

Dimensions: 29" High x 29" Wide x 29" Deep

  • KYDZSafe edges - All edges and corners are rounded to a minimum of a 1 inch radius, allowing children to play safely without getting hurt by sharp edges and corners.

  • KYDZStrong construction - Dowel-pin construction. This technique is stronger than the dado joints used by other companies and prevents weakening at the joint, where most stress occurs and extends lifetime by 50%.

  • KYDZTuff finish - It's an ultraviolet acrylic coating that's as tough as the finish on bowling lanes and is environmentally friendly too! It's an ultra-durable finish that resists yellowing and extra-strong resistance for daily wear.

  • Stationary

  • Ready-to-Assemble


2375JC Reading Hideaway