CF900-962 Rectangle Clear PlayPanel - Set of 3

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CF900-962 Rectangle Clear PlayPanel - Set of 3

The modern classroom utilizes distinct and separate flex-spaces for different learning activities to maximize engagement. Clear PlayPanels® are the perfect room dividers for any commercial daycare, playroom or home school where clear sight lines from flex-space to flex-space is a priority for the parent or caregiver. Separate your room into a sleeping space, an art station, a reading nook or for any other purpose. These panels are lightweight and easy to fold and store.

Included double claws create flexible hinges to link panels together and allow for foldable storage. The hygienic, easy to clean surface is stretched over durable plastic pipe and fittings. Panels can be used horizontally or vertically and combined in different color combinations to create your own look. Set of 3 PlayPanels® includes 6 double claws and 2 molded weighted plastic Cantilever Legs to ensure stability.

Assembly required

47.5" x 1.25" x 30.5"