8 Panel Safety Play Center

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8 panel Safety Playpen

Made with BPA-free non-toxic HDPE material, that’s safe for your baby. Bur-free panels feature smooth design with no sharp edges, ensuring total safety for babies’ delicate skin.

You can use all 8 panels or fewer to customize the shape of this playpen to best suit your space needs. An anti-skid suction at the bottom of each panel ensures a freestanding setup with utmost stability.

Equipped with a picture house, toy phone, and spinning balls to captivate baby’s attention. The game board helps exercise babies’ cognitive ability and eye-hand coordination and keeps them entertained.

Easy to assemble and take apart. This playpen is portable so you can set up a safe play yard for your baby anywhere to keep him safe and entertained. It’s suitable for kids aged 6 months to 3 years.

The panels are scientifically designed with the perfect height. This allows babies to stand up and see mom or dad, enabling interactive play. Lockable gates prevent baby from walking or crawling out.


61 x 61 x 24.8 inches

8-panel Child's Playpen