WB0181 Toddler Flower Table And Two Chair Set

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WB0181 Toddler Flower Table And Two Chair Set

Includes 15-inch high Toddler Flower Table and two Toddler Chairs. Each item is ergonomically designed to meet the needs of toddlers: The child sits in the table's gentle inward curve so the table surface properly supports his/her correct posture and puts play or work activity materials within easy access. The sturdy, stable design of our toddler chairs feature 3-inch high sides to keep a child safely in place, 7-inch  seat height for short legs, 11.75-inch wide seat for wider bottoms of toddlers and an 3.75-inch open space between the backrest and seat bottom that provides easy access for cleaning. The seat height [7-inch], depth [ 7.87-inch] and width [11.75-inch] are proportioned specifically to toddler body measurements to ensure the child's back is fully supported, the knees are properly bent at a 90-degree angle when seated and feet are flat on the floor so the child is comfortable, content and can concentrate on the work or play in front of them. All edges are rounder over and sanded smooth for safety.

Toddler Flower Table And Two Chair Set  WB0181